Pincushion Earrings Bamboo

$42.00 - $54.00

  • Image of Pincushion Earrings Bamboo

Laser cut acrylic. Designed and made in Australia.

DAUBERLY designs are created by Melbourne artist, Lana Daubermann. Each design is inspired by her painting and drawing practise. “I love the idea of representing something painterly and organic with something so non-painterly and static. I find both mediums - oil paint and flat laser-cut materials - equally inspiring. These earrings are the product of two parts of my brain mixing together. Thank you so much for supporting artists, makers and their creative practise.” - Lana Daubermann

*Note: all prices include gst

Image of Ramble Earrings Bamboo
Ramble Earrings Bamboo
Image of Ramble Earrings Acrylic
Ramble Earrings Acrylic
Image of Balance Earrings
Balance Earrings
Image of Loopish Earrings Bamboo
Loopish Earrings Bamboo
Image of Loopish Earrings Acrylic
Loopish Earrings Acrylic
Image of Eucalyptus Earrings
Eucalyptus Earrings
Image of Painterly Earrings
Painterly Earrings
Image of Pincushion Earrings Acrylic
Pincushion Earrings Acrylic
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